Contour biennale

Polyphonic worlds: justice as medium

Hobby Lobby vs. The Allegory of Justice
By inhabitants

This episode, set within the context of inhabitants’s collaboration with Contour Biennale 8, weighs the fiction of allegorical images against the concept of the legal fictitious person. In particular, it puts in perspective the abstract body of Justice in relation to the status attributed to corporations for juridical purpose under the United States code of law.

November 4

Compost Archive
By Filipa César and Louis Henderson

Compost Archive is a short-video by filmmakers and visual artists Filipa César and Louis Henderson based on the politically-engaged films from Guinea-Bissau’s post-independence period, archived at Instituto Nacional de Cinema e Audiovisual (INCA) in Bissau. The video comes out of the conference “4th Encounters Beyond History: Luta ca caba inda – An Archive in Relation,” held at Centro José de Guimarães in Portugal in December of 2015 and was produced upon invitation by inhabitants.

August 29

Trailer for Contour Biennale 8
By Inhabitants

Inhabitants collabore étroitement avec la Biennale Contour 8 pour la production d’une série vidéo en ligne s’inspirant de l’histoire du Grand Conseil des Pays-Bas à Malines, afin d’examiner l’état des choses dans les domaines de la justice et des droits, ainsi que leur rapport à la création et la diffusion d’images. Cette série sera disponible […]

June 30